Ageha (鳳) is a Shinigami girl from a family of elite Shinigamis known for taking down Damashigamis. She is also extremely rich. Her Black Cat is Oboro.


Ageha has long wild dark blue hair with a red bow on the left side of her head and also red eyes. She wears a light pink sailor uniform with a white collar with a single blue stripe, a pink ribbon and white and blue stripes at the tips of the sleeves, and also thigh length white socks and red pumps with ribbons. She has a second bow that makes her visible to humans.


Air-headed, quick to assume, and not especially bright, Ageha causes trouble for just about everyone. She tends to act before she thinks, and often finds herself in some form of trouble because of it. She also throws her cash away freely without a second thought and falls prey to fake products sold by Damashigami and other fake salesmen. She does her best to catch Damashigami, though she fails often. She is greatly ashamed of her elder sister, viewing her as a disgrace to their family for working for the Damashigami company.



Ageha comes from a family that has a venerable elite history in the Shinigami world, and so was popular.

Ageha and Renge

Ageha and Renge in elementary school

Due to her impulsive personality, Ageha was something of a jinx as a child. She caused problems for Renge back in elementary school, and fought with her future Black Cat contractor Oboro, every time he hurts her for playing roughly with him. When she tried practicing for the future, Ageha got hurt by a mother hen of an evil chick hatching, and while it looked like she was abandoned by Oboro, Ageha told the adults that she was by herself when she got hurt. She made it clear to Oboro that she would be the one to have him as her Black Cat by contract and that she wouldn't have him form a contract with anyone else.

Ageha and Oboro

Ageha and Oboro

Her family had gained a large amount of respect for taking down countless Damashigamis. However, a year ago, her one and only elder sister Bijin left to take down the Damashigami boss but never returned. She finally made her contract with Oboro, and when they went on their first mission together to capture an anaconda spirit, Oboro captured it himself and he teased and taunted her with it, causing Ageha to throw an exploding skull at him, burying him under rubble. And Ageha did not realize he no longer came to work because he was stuck.

Some months later, Bijin sent her a post card that said she got a boyfriend who turns out to be Sabato Rokudo, the Damashigami president. Because her sister abandoned her duties, Ageha took her place banishing Damashigami while searching for her.


Ageha and Rinne

Ageha first appeared while hunting a Pencil Salesman Damashigami that Rinne was also looking for. She confused Rinne as the Damashigami and attacked until the real one showed up trying to lure away the students. When they both chase him, she told Rinne to back off but he reminded her that there are students who had already been brought to Kyoukai and needed to be rescued. As they reach the Damashigami hideout, she mentions that whoever discloses their hideout will receive monetary reward, which causes Rinne to speed over to the hideout and catch every Damashigami there. He offers to split the reward but Ageha refuses saying she "lives only to defeat Damashigami" and has a grave reason why she does so. However, while she was talking, Rinne had already left to send the students back to the living world and collect his reward, which upsets her and also causes her to remember that she had seen his red hair before.[1]

Sakura sees Rinne with Ageha

She shows up in Rinne's "house" at Sankai High (a room in the abandoned club building), stating that she had been thinking since their last encounter, which causes Rinne to throw her out insisting it was too late for her to want her share of the reward as he already spent it, but she tells him that she came for another reason and that the money was all his, so Rinne allows her back in and let her speak. She wanted to see if he knew anything about the Damashigami Company, and she reveals to him about her sister and shows him the post card she sent her, featuring his good-for-nothing father, Sabato as her boyfriend. As Ageha swears that she’ll beat anyone related to the Damashigami company to a pulp, Rinne decides to remain silent. After a Grim Reaper Damashigami brings a letter for Rinne from his father, Rinne tells Ageha that he too loathes Damashigami, so she assumes he will help her and claps her hands around his. And much to Rinne's dismay, Sakura happened to walk in and see them, holding hands. Out of embarrassment, Ageha threw Rinne into the wall and runs away squealing. While sitting in a tree, Ageha exaggerates that previous moment and believes Rinne to be a really nice which causes her to blush. Later she takes a closer look at the picture on the post card, and discovers that Rinne has the same red hair as her sister's boyfriend though she thinks its just coincidence.

Ageha and Bijin

Shocking News

She comes to Sakura and Rinne's aid against Sabato's mysterious hot secretary, when she attempted to make Rinne propose to Sakura. When the secretary sees Ageha, she gets shocked and uses a few technique to avoid being attacked. Ageha throws her coins at the woman, only for one to hit the center of her decorative glasses, causing them to break and reveal that she is actually her missing sister, much to her shock. Just then Sabato appears and asks Sakura for her answer on marrying Rinne and inheriting the Damashigami company, and Ageha realizes the he is her sister's boyfriend and learns that not only is he the president of the Damashigami company but that her sister betrayed her and is now a Damashigami herself. She also discovers that Rinne is Sabato's son and angrily attacks. Ageha, followed by Rinne, Sakura, and Rokumon, attempts to follow her sister and Sabato but falls into a pit-hole and becomes ensnared in a spiders web. After being released by a supposed undercover investigator, Ageha nearly signed an IOU only to be saved by Rinne, whom she still believes to be a traitor despite the fact he's trying to help her. After stopping her from wasting anymore money, Rinne discovers that she's a rich girl and while she doesn't feel the need to thank him he leaves. Annoyed, Ageha continues to search only to go up against an extremely large Damashigami who was worth one million yen, the exact amount needed to cover the bill for Rinne's engagement ring, so Rinne saved Ageha and killed the Damashigami. Ageha hugs Rinne, claiming that she was scared finally thanking him, though he replies that she didn't to. As he tried to clear up the situation, Rinne discovers that Sakura followed him and she leaves as she believes she interrupted a moment between them.[2]

Upon learning from Tsubasa Jūmonji that Rinne has affections for Sakura, Ageha warned Sakura not to get involved with him anymore, though Sakura felt she couldn’t do it.[3]

She would since try to win Rinne’s affection, and comes to his aid on several occasions.

During a festival, she got duped by a salesman into buying a kotatsu he called the “friendly square” that supposedly makes anyone entering it become closer, together with square blanket, a protective cover and a table top, for 100000 yen. After he plan didn’t quite work, she left it to Rinne who’s been keeping and using it.[4]


Oboro finally got out after a year, and set out for revenge against Ageha using snake spirits. As she reminds him that he can’t go against her as long as she has their contract, a fight occurs between them, as Oboro tries to destroy the contract, but when Ageha fires him when she gets a chance to be alone with Rinne, Oboro gets mad for having been fired for such a stupid reason, prompting her to ask him if he really hates her that much, and Rinne reminds them of how a relationship between a Shinigami and a Black Cat is built on trust, so they sort of reconcile.[5]

She meets Renge again at Sankai High, and they are still not on friendly terms.[6]

Just as Rinne was about to start paying back Sakura, she moved from her house after arguing with her parents, and settled in Rinne’s room in the abandoned club building, which caused Sakura to believe in disappointment that Rinne planned to pay her back with Ageha's money, but the misunderstanding was cleared and Ageha returned home very soon as she could not live without luxury.[7]

In the final story, she learns that Rinne bought a pair of string bracelets featuring boundary stones with Sakura and so hits him in the head. She agrees with Tsubasa, who also learned from Sabato that Rinne’s relationship with Sakura fell apart, that it’s unlikely for him to mend things with her, then upon learning from Rokumon that a lion headed faucet that is pouring water from the Sanzu river which was left in Rinne’s home will send anyone coming in contact with it with a boundary stone directly to the Wheel of Reincarnation, everyone rushed but arrived too late as Sakura vanishes and Rinne goes after her. She made her way to the Wheel of Reincarnation with Tsubasa, and both witness Rinne and Sakura safe and hugging, much to their shock. In the end, her sister has returned home in tears, for she learned that Sabato meets his previous wife, and when teacher Hitomi Annette Anematsuri’s scrying orb reveals Rinne and Sakura’s hug to Miho and Rika, both she and Tsubasa tell them that it’s a past event and so believe that they still have a chance with their crushes.[8]


Ageha's scythe
  • Shinigami Scythe: A tool used by all Shinigami, and most likely Damashigami too
  • Coins
  • Skull Bombs
  • Hair Ribbon: Ageha cannot be seen by normal humans, but if she changes out her ribbon, she becomes visible to them.
  • Watchdog Collar: When tossed into the air, it summons a spirit dog that barks loudly and frightens away ghosts.


  • Flight
  • Shinigami Senses
  • Scythe Fighting
  • Invisibility
  • Exorcism


Rinne Rokudō

Ageha daydreaming

Ageha thinking about Rinne

Ageha originally was unaware of the fact that Rinne was Sabato's son, which gave her the impression that he was an ally. Upon discovering his true identity, Ageha developed bitterness toward Rinne, refusing his attempts to help her as she was being swindled out of her money. When he saved her from a large Damashigami, an action he only did for the million yen the Damashigami was worth, Ageha realized that Rinne wasn't like his father and quickly developed feelings for him. At first however, Ageha was somewhat hesitant to fully act as she believed that Sakura and Rinne were a couple, but eventually she brushed off that idea and began to heavily pursue Rinne, even going to the extent of seducing him, much to his dismay. Ageha has made her feelings for Rinne known and her interest in him slightly mirrors Tsubasa's interest in Sakura as both act on their feelings and can't take a hint. 

Sakura Mamiya

Ageha shows to consider Sakura a rival in love and has made attempts to outdo her, though every attempt foiled of course. Sakura has made attempts to be friendly with Ageha, and while Ageha accepts Sakura, she still makes attempts to win Rinne. She was shocked when Sakura called her by her first name.

Tsubasa Jūmonji

Ageha and Tsubasa tend to butt heads especially when he uses his sacred ashes around her. She has gotten along with him a few times, mainly to not allow any progress between Rinne and Sakura, but for the most part Ageha dislikes Tsubasa. 


Ageha deeply hates Kain for insulting her and for taking away Rinne's life flame, and also for hating him for being Sabato's son, as she knows Rinne isn't like his father. She feels pleasure whenever Kain suffers humiliation. 


Ageha's sister disappeared and sent her sister a postcard saying that she intends to marry Sabato Rokudō. Ageha used to look up to her sister, but now is hurt that she left her for the Damashigami president and still works for him as his "mysterious hot secretary".


Ageha caused many problems for Renge during their elementary years, which caused Renge to develop bitter hatred toward the reckless Shinigami. Ageha came to resent Renge as well when she mocked her sister for joining the Damashigami Company.


He is Ageha's black cat by contract. They have known each other since childhood, since Oboro's family have been black cats by contract to Ageha's for generations. These two often bicker like brother and sister, yet care for each other just the same.


As they both compete for Rinne's affection, they are not on friendly terms.


  • “I live only to defeat Damashigamis” (だまし神を倒すためだけに生きている) – Chapter 36, presenting herself to Rinne
  • “Do you have to always throw sacred ashes?” (おまえいちいち聖灰を投げないと気がすまんのか) – Chapter 42, after she hits Tsubasa with her scythe
  • “From now on, don’t get involved with Rokudo Rinne!” (これ以上六道りんねに関わるな!) - Chapter 42, while pointing her Scythe toward Sakura
  • “You’re so naïve Oboro, if you think you can be free so easily, you’re dead wrong.” (甘いわね朧、そう簡単に自由になれると思ったら大間違いよ) – Chapter 88
  • "As long as I have this contract, I won’t allow you to form a contract with Shinigami other than me” (この雇用契約書がある以上、あんたは私以外の死神と契約する事は許されないんだからな) – Chapter 90
  • "Why do you close the door?" (なんで閉めるのよ。) - Whenever Rinne closes the door upon seeing her


  • Ageha's name is written with a single Kanji that commonly refers to a mythical bird similar to the Phoenix. Written with a different Kanji, her name can mean swallow tail butterfly.
  • Ageha has a similar personality to Ayame from Inuyasha, and Shampoo and Kodachi from Ranma 1/2.
  • Ageha looks strikingly familiar to Abi-Hime from Inuyasha.
  • She is very ophidiophobic. Even if she sees a rubber toy snake, she will run away screaming.



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