He’s the spirit of a Japanese scientist of the Japanese Imperial Army.



Long ago, he was tasked by the army, who had been doing a great deal of secret research into alchemy, with trying to change soil into iron due to wartime shortages. In the days following the war, he came across a stone which he believed to be the philosopher’s stone in a black market, and he worked on it for a decade and passed away, due to not have rested for 3 whole days. His spirit lingered in the stone, which long after, would be won by Tsubasa’s father at an auction and was sent to Tsubasa by mail, with the task to check if it’s the real one.

Tsubasa and Annette, along with Rinne and Sakura, tried to make alchemy with the stone, causing the spirit of the alchemist to appear, claiming that he was able to create a golden concoction before he died, so Rinne made him able to redo his experience, but it is revealed that it was actually a curry rice he had prepared, and his spirit was lingering because he died without eating his food.


  • He is the fourth ghost and the stone the fifth item Tsubasa would receive from his father through home delivery, bringing a case to be solved.

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