Alligator Girl is the owner of a tiny pet alligator, who became a spirit, as he died while he went missing.


She has yellow-green eyes and long light brown hair.


She owned a baby alligator called Chibi, and was very close to him. Unfortunately, as she was washing his tank, he jumped off the balcony and died while trying to return.

She has been searching for him for about a year, and Sakura led her to his spirit, who had been roaming the streets searching for her. However, as she ended up seeing Chibi in his huge size because of Shōma, she refused to believe the spirit to be her lost pet. But eventually, she comes to believe it, when she finds him again with his favorite food, and Chibi was able to pass on, as she embraced him.


  • Her real name is not revealed.
  • Her voice actress provided the voice of Rin from Inuyasha.