Aoi Hada (羽田アオイ) is a student of Sankai High.



Due to the fact that she easily gains weight, she has recently written a diet diary with a strong determination to lose weight. 10 days ago, as she fell asleep at her desk, she dropped her pencil, which fell next to another same pencil that her classmate Jin Semizu dropped as well, and inadvertently handed him her pencil while she kept his. She would hear “over 50” every time she uses his pencil while trying to study for an exam, for he had an aim to score more than 50 for the exam which had been invested into that pencil, and it worries her.

When she suffers of anemia, Sakura learned of her problem and so brought her to Rinne who happened to be investigating a same problem Jin has been having. He figured what happened and all it took was for the two students to exchange their pencils. She’s nevertheless still determined to lose weight, for she reveals she’s going to spend her summer vacation at the beach with her boyfriend from university, much to Jin’s disappointment.


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