Appi (安比) is a student of Sankai High.



On winter break, he went on a snowboarding trip with a group of students including Yuki Niseko. On the last day, planning to confess to her, he bought a pendant for her and hid it in a Snowman next to a red snowmobile, and texted her to meet him there. But he made a mistake as the red snowmobile had been moved to a ski slope where Yuki went, and the snowman got frozen solid and he was unable to reclaim the gift.

Back in school, as the snowman followed Yuki and causes freezing temperatures anywhere she goes, he had to confess his blunder, and Rinne makes the snowman visible, allowing Appi to break it and recover his gift. But he also finds 2 other hidden gifts that are from other 2 students who were in the snowboarding group, and also planned to confess to Yuki. When the 3 boys ask her to choose between them, she reveals that when she was shivering next to the red snowmobile, she met a part-timer who took her back to the ski lodge on his red snowmobile, and they are dating now, which leaves all 3 boys “frozen solid”.


  • It is not stated from which class he is.

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