Arata Tatami (多々美アラタ) is a student of Sankai High and a member of the Tea Ceremony Club.



One day while rolling and relaxing on a mat in the club room during lunch break, he accidentally crushed his pastries and milk, ruining one of the mats. He tried his best to clean it up but couldn't, so he hid the mess by flipping the mat over and switched it with the one at the edge of the room, which was used to have things like shelves and tools on it. Consequently, as that mat was not in a place where people would sit on it, it grew so happy when anyone would sit on it, that hands would emerge rubbing their legs and feet, and so members of the club quit expect for two girls who grew desperate for members.

He had to confess his guilt when Rinne investigated and solved the problem, and the two girls were angry for his action.


  • Although his last name is Tatami, the used Kanjis are different.

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