She's the ghost of the Baseball Club manager from another school, who had a crush for a pitcher.



One of the baseball players promised to tell something to her if he wins a match, although she had to wait a long time for he and his team were bad. When his team finally won because their adversary team suffered food poisoning, she leapt up from the bench and wacked her head off the roof, causing her to die. Her spirit lingered, siting on the bench, waiting for her crush to come to her, until a Sankai High pitcher named Ryūma Hoshi spoke words of love in front of her, as he was practicing in confessing to his manager Remi Tachibana. As her vision had become blurry, she mistook him for her crush and would hold on to his left shoulder and never let go, causing Ryūma to have trouble pitching, for the strength of her feelings causes a big heaviness, since she had waited a long time. When Rinne was sought by Remi, he realizes that she had lost her contact lenses when she wacked her head off the roof. Upon seeing Ryūma clearly, she lets go of his shoulder, and Rinne shows her that the baseball player had become the Baseball Club Director and he occasionally leaves flower for her at the bench, although she refused to believe it’s him due to his appearance, and she would pass on.


  • She was not named.

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