Bero (ベロ) is a dog who was abandoned at a park when he was a puppy.



Tumblr oouf2vJ2sG1tr6wqbo3 1280

Bero as puppy

He was found by Ken Ameno and 2 of his elementary school friends in a box at a park. They named the little dog Bero and would bring him food everyday, since none could bring him to their own home. A Sunday, it was Ken’s turn to bring him food, but his parents took him to an amusement park, and Bero got out of his box on that rainy night, wandered into the road and was nearly hit by a car only to get adopted by a young girl who loved and cared for him.

He passed away by the time Ken became a High School student, and his spirit was drawn to Ken as he felt guilt for having left him out in the rain by the time he adopted a dog named Kotaro. After being revealed by Rinne’s Spirit Dye Ball, he puts his paw on Ken’s shoulder, forgiving the boy of his burden and passes on.



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