Big Father (ビッグファーザー) is a famous top class exorcist whom Tsubasa idolized.



Big Father doesn't cling to his vows all that well as he adores women, has numerous kids and loves to drink.


3 days ago, Tsubasa received his “legendary bible” which his father won at an auction, and ever since then, all the foods he’d receive from his parents by mail would mysteriously get eaten. It is revealed that the Big Father has numerous kids, who were the ones who have been eating the received foods, for they had come to retrieve but could hardly find the bible that they had sold for their living expenses, for they were poor because their father always spends his money on women and drinks, much to the disillusion of Tsubasa who at first felt delighted to meet the man in person.


  • Big Father's "Legendary Bible" would be the first item Tsubasa would receive from his father through home delivery, which brings a case to be solved.

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