The Black Fox (黒ギツネ, Kurogitsune) is an evil spirit with a 50000 yen bounty.


He has black fur, green eyes and three tails.


Tamako, Rinne and Renge hoped to hunt him, when he’s on the loose. He would drift by at a haunted mansion where Rinne coaches Sakura, who ended up being registered as owner of Oihagizuki, which he fears as it specializes in possessing spirits, and possesses Sabato, who nevertheless remained the same. They attacked Sakura and proved to be a though adversary to Rinne and Renge, but got distracted by eating Sakura’s lunch for Rinne, giving Sakura the chance to extract and purify him. However, it seems she was not eligible for the reward due to her status as human, who can only receive rewards during evil spirit awareness month.


  • He’s the second evil fox spirit to appear in the story, after the Nine-Tailed Fox. In fact, both cooperated with the one each comes to possess and would appear in the 23rd episode of seasons 1 & 2 in the anime.


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