The Bouquet Ghost (ブーケ霊) is the spirit of a wedding attendee, disrupting bouquet tosses at a wedding hall.



For 10 years since middle school, she’s been friends with a girl, who was such a model that she dated many boys, who unknowingly happened to be the ones that she liked. She never told her friend, since she did not purposely steal her crushes, but on her friend’s wedding, she took an act of revenge by designing a bouquet with purple roses she made at her friend’s request, that would pop open when thrown in the air and reveal hidden pictures of her friend with many boys she had received in her phone. But shortly after giving the bouquet to her friend and pretending she could not attend due to a sick condition, she reconsidered it and so turned back to undo her scheme, but got hit by a car. Her spirit lingered at the wedding hall, snatching any bouquet thrown during a wedding ceremony only to shout not being the right one and slam it to the ground for months, as she couldn’t remember her desire.

One of the staff of the wedding hall sought Rinne, who helped her remember what she was worried about, and that same staff member admits that he accidentally dropped her bouquet before the ceremony and caused it to explode, meaning the ghost’s scheme never took place. So she passed on, after expressing some ill response to that revelation.


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