The Bus Ghost is the spirit of a talkative student, who can’t get out of the bus as he can’t reach his destination.




He had a good relation with a girl in middle school, lending each other’s CDs. After graduating, she went to an all-girl school called Motoji girls’ school, but wishing to keep meeting him, she lent him a CD and told him he can return it anytime as an excuse to keep seeing him. The day he decided to return it to her, he died of unknown cause, and his spirit lingered on the back seat of the bus he was about to take to reach her school, but he remained stuck as the bus stop apparently vanished.

Sakura spotted him and sought Rinne, but as he has carsickness, she ended up dealing with the spirit’s problem herself, revealing that the school (and so the bus stop) changed its name to Motoji academy as it started accepting male students. He got joyful upon hearing the girl reveal to Sakura that she was going to confess to him, but it wouldn’t last as she got a boyfriend. So he moves in with the still sick Rinne until the sick boy feels good enough to escort him to the next world.


  • He was not named.

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