He's a ghost who waited for Otome Rokudo to help him pass on.


As a spirit, he remained in his disguise, all bandaged and wearing a prop axe on his head.


He was a cast member at a haunted house and died of heat stroke. When he arrived at Kyoukai, he fell into the Sanzu River and witnessed Otome rush past as she carried her high-school graduation book to throw it into the river. She noticed him and promised she would come back to help him and he said he would be waiting. Eventually the herd of water buffalo, that carried Otome to the Wheel of Reincarnation, stampeded past and drove him out further into the river, where his bandages snagged on a passing boat that carried him back to the living side of the river. He would wait for her to be reincarnated, so she could help him pass on as promised.

Shortly after remembering her previous lives in her latest reincarnation as a human girl called Ichigo, he tried to contact her at her elementary school through a game the children were playing, which eventually frightened the children and teacher. After figuring the situation, Ichigo apologizes to him and explains that she can no longer help him pass on as she is no longer a Shinigami, but she offers him to pass on by her son Rinne.


  • He's credited as "Mummy Ghost (ミイラの霊 miira no rei)" in the anime.


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