TITLE: The Power Stone's Curse


Tsubasa is bitter since things didn't go as planned between him and Sakura, because Rinne interfered. Then he ponders about how to purify the power stone, while Masato appears: "That's a nice stone you've got there." Masato presents himself as a devil, thus Tsubasa unsuccessfully tries to purify him with sacred ashes. Masato says "You are infinitely inferior to Rinne-kun" and hands Tsubasa the book of devils, so that Tsubasa can curse Rinne. Tsubasa refuses saying he will never fall so low as to curse someone, abandoning the book. Rika and Miho witness the scene, thinking it seemed like he was talking to himself. They pick up the book and asks Sakura to return it to him, since he "dropped it."

Meanwhile Rinne pulls out his "dream luxury item of canned peaches", that someone had put in the weather hutch as an offering. He had been saving it to enjoy later, but considers giving it to Sakura, while crying tears of blood. "She's been helping me constantly lately" and "sometimes you have to return the favour" he reasons. 

Tsubasa encounters Sakura who presents him with homemade cookies, since "her mum (age 39) has gone crazy baking cookies these days." However Tsubasa didn't pay attention past "they're homemade cookies" and believes Sakura baked them and feels like his heart has been cleansed. He then noticed Sakura's huge bag of cookies which she's giving to Rinne. Rinne appears with Rokumon, about to hand her the canned peaches. But the can is struck by lightening just as Sakura returns the book of devils to Tsubasa, Rinne thinks to himself: "Hmph... That must have been the wrath of God for trying to give a present to someone so high above my own social standing..." while Tsubasa flees out of guilt believing he cursed Rinne. Once again abandoning the book, which Sakura picks up and asks Rokumon to return.

"There's no mistaking it... the power stone is even more tainted... For an exorcist like me to lose to a devil's temptation and curse someone is humiliating! And while I'm at it, Rokudo plays on his poverty to sponge off Mamiya-san... Damn him!" Tsubasa comments, and fists the wall, but ends up touching the book of devils that Rokumon returns and a flock of crows fly into Rinne's house stealing all of Sakura's cookies. Tsubasa despairs: "It-it got even blacker... was the curse put into motion?! Waaah!" while Masato comments "no matter how many times you throw away the book of devils, it will return to you..."

Rinne on the other hand is still sitting in his room with Sakura as Rokumon returns wondering what had happened. "Is this the wrath of God...?"  Rinne wonders, while Sakura say it's surely some "unnatural force at play work here", not God. 


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