Chibi (チビ) was a tiny pet alligator, who wandered away from his owner's apartment and became a spirit upon his death.



As Evil Spirit

He is a green alligator with yellow eyes, and wears a light blue coat and a pink sweater in his huge size.

Becoming an evil spirit, his body turns from green to dark purple with little green.


Chibi was a baby alligator who had a close bond with his owner. But while she was washing his tank, he jumped off the balcony, and faced many hardships, while attempting to go back to his owner, and eventually died. However, his spirit remained roaming the streets, and as his desire to find his owner was so strong that it made him grow huge and be visible to people during the night, he used the face of his owner to ask anyone he comes upon about her.

About a year has passed, and Sakura, Rika and Miho came upon him. Believing Chibi to be an evil spirit, Shoma tried to purify it with Rinne’s scythe, in hope of getting 50 points to end his Shinigami Kid Training. And his childish attitude caused Chibi to be seen in his huge size by his owner, who refused to believe the spirit to be her lost pet. Chibi went mad, but his owner comes to believe it later, when she finds him again with his favorite food, and as they embrace themselves, Chibi was able to pass on.


  • He loves Chicken jerky.
  • The Street Vendor who sold Chibi, appearing in the anime only, looks like Yotsuya from Maison Ikkoku.


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