A group of Damashigami with the secretary in the center

Damashigami (堕魔死神) is a rogue reaper who contributes to the illegal afterlife business, Damashigami Company, by tricking people who are not supposed to die yet into entering the Wheel of Reincarnation, to fill their quotas and increase the amount of money they can earn.

Not only Shinigamis but also humans, who are mostly lovely ladies and good-looking guys, and Grim Reapers can become Damashigamis.

They tend to wear costumes (including of animals) and use wind-up dolls, so they can deceive unwitting victims.



Damashigami Kanjis
  • Damashigami can also be translated as the "fallen death god" in English. It is also a pun meaning "trolling death god" which is exhibited by the actions of the Damashigami business members. In the episode where Sakura first encounters the term Damashigami, Sakura is shown confused by its term, but then is later corrected by Tamako, showing the proper written kanji on the screen.

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