He’s the spirit of a boy haunting a wooden deck at a beach.



He was in love with a girl he often played with since they were little, but would deny they are dating when asked. When they were 16, on the first day of summer vacation, he asked her to meet him at a deck at the beach at 8pm, to have a special romantic moment, only for the deck to be filled of other childhood friends and classmates. Not brave enough to confess in front of everyone, he swam under the deck, and splashed water at the partiers and knocked from below to scare everyone away, until only the girl remained. However, he grew too exhausted that he was unable to come up, and overheard her talking to another boy whom she accepted to date, which left him so shocked that he ended up drowning. His spirit lingered however, haunting the deck demanding anyone to leave.

As the beach became deserted over the years because of the ghost, Rinne was sought. Along with Sakura, Tsubasa and Ageha, he meets the ghost, and after listening to his story, they discover a mechanism that the ghost had set for his confession, on the corner of the wooden deck, which consists of a chain that upon being pulled makes rise a hidden little heart stick, and when the light of the lighthouse shines on the heart, it creates a beautiful heart-shaped shadow around any couple who might be standing behind it. And much to Tsubasa and Ageha’s anger, that heart shadow appeared on Rinne and Sakura. Rinne makes him corporeal with his Yomi no Haori, and all he wanted to do before passing on was ripping up the little heart-stick and tossing it into the ocean.


  • He was not named.

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