She's the spirit of an old lady who loved Eggplants.



She lived in a house where she tended her garden, and was fond of eggplants. A young man occasionally would appear poking his head over the rosebushes and cheerfully greet the old woman, who looked forward to see him, as she thought he looked like her departed husband. Knowing she was too old to date him, she at least hoped to offer him some of her eggplants, but on the day she passed away in Autumn a year ago, she felt a pain in her chest and got to see the young man who came into her garden worried and much to her surprise looked like an eggplant.

She returned to the living world, when an event supervised by the Mortal Census Bureau allows many spirits to visit their houses during the Obon festival. She rode a cucumber horse to return to her house, but she remained there as she was worried about her garden, and wouldn’t climb on an eggplant cow to return to Kyoukai, for she had become afraid of eggplants and couldn’t remember why. Rinne used an Illusionary Lantern to help her remember when she got to see how the young man looked like, and the guy passed by right after, and gave Sakura flowers for the old woman as he believed she was her granddaughter. That act of kindness allowed the old woman to no longer be afraid of eggplants and she happily boarded her eggplant cow.


  • She was not named.

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