Eita Senoo (背生エイた) is a student of Sankai High, and the captain of the Male Swimming Club.



At the end of summer vacation, he and the members of the club went for a swim in the ocean. The day after he confessed to the captain of the Female Swimming Club, he found a perfect space to sprawl on and took a rest. That spot happened to be occupied by the spirit of a girl, who attached herself to his back as she hoped it would allow her to get a tan. He realized her imprint on his back by looking in the mirror, and not knowing she’s a ghost, went to a tanning bed hoping to make the imprint disappear but to no avail and only to cause burning to her. Consequently, he tried to hide it from people as he thought it was embarrassing and would not show up for training anymore, but members of the swimming club were worried about him and sought Rinne. When the female imprint on his back is revealed, he’d suffer wrong accusations about having been cursed for killing a girl and burning her corpse, but Rinne gets the spirit out and after listening to her story allows her to pass on. However, the marks on his back left by the female ghost obviously did not go away, so Eita had to frequent the tanning salon for two weeks to suntan everything.


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