He’s the spirit of the landlord of an apartment, who has a staunch love for spiritualism.



When an apartment of 9 floors was being built, he planned on using the 9th floor to house his collection of spiritism items, which his wife opposed as she doesn’t believe in ghosts. However, during the construction, he was hospitalized and passed away. His spirit lingered, unaware not only that he died but that the apartment’s structure changed to 8 floors, because of rights to sunshine. But as the alterations occurred halfway through the construction, a 9th floor button remained, and he created a 9th floor, between the 8th floor and roof, where he stored his items, that would however be unreachable.

He’d finally have his first guests, Sakura, who witnessed him through the elevator’s window when she came along with Miho and Rika, because of a circulated rumour that someone who would push the 9th floor button would be taken to a parallel universe, and Rinne whom she went to inform after. Rinne tells the old man that his items are imitations, which makes him pitiful, but Rinne points out that the one genuine article is the man himself, being that he is a real ghost. The old man is overjoyed, remembering how he died, and he wishes to prove to his wife that ghosts really do exist and that his hobby was not mere foolish delusions, before he’d be guided by Rinne. Unfortunately, the old woman cannot see him.


  • He was not named.

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