He's the spirit of an unattractive student, who haunts a shrine, ruining any ema anyone hang.



He had a crush on a girl in middle school. While preparing for High School entrance exam, hoping to go to the same High School she aimed for, he wished for it with an ema. But he saw her with the most handsome guy of their class at the temple, both hanging an ema with their wish to pass the exam together, and so ran away and ended up dying in an accident. His spirit lingered, defacing any ema hung at the temple with black slash marks.

He was spotted by Sakura, who sought Rinne. After revealing his story, he claimed having no regret from this world, but felt afraid of being reborn worse than he was, so Rinne pretends granting him an ema that can grant wishes to let him decide what kind of next life he would like. He wrote “Handsome, popular, god of sports” and so passed on.


  • He was not named.

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