He's an Emperor Doll owned by Hinagata's family.


Like the empress, he gets mad when anyone says all dolls’ faces look alike in spite of being true, and can’t tell human faces apart.


He and the Empress have been in display every Hinamatsuri (doll festival), and witnessed Hinagata growing up as they always looked forward to see her dressed cutely.

Last year, a stray cat got into the house and knocked the doll display over, causing the emperor and empress to get broken and so they were taken to be repaired at a local shop. The neighbors also had taken their dolls to the local shop after being knocked down by the same stray cat, and the emperors’ heads were switched while being repaired.

A year later, the dolls continuously topple off their stands, for the emperor and empress are fighting as they do not recognize and like each other’s faces, despite looking all alike. As Hinagata got exasperated having to reline the dolls repeatedly, she relied on Rinne to learn what was happening, and when she tells them that they leave her no choice other than to sell them or throw them away, they agreed to try to get along. But ultimately, the stay cat strikes again, dragging the neighbor’s emperor whom the empress confirms it to have its proper face, and so the emperors’ heads returned to their original bodies.


  • The facts that he remembers having seen Hinagata grow up despite having a different head and that the other Emperor Doll recognizes Hinagata's Empress Doll as his wife, means that both Emperor Dolls got their personalities mixed.

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