Ageha the Shinigami (死神 鳳 Shinigami Ageha) is the 12th episode of the Kyōkai no Rinne anime.


While trying to catch a Damashigami who’s been kidnapping students using pencils, Rinne meets another Shinigami named Ageha, who hunts Damashigamis for a reason. Meanwhile, Sakura realizes she’s being spied by a weird living camera.

Plot Overview

In the past, Ageha sees her shinigami sister off to defeat the leader of the Damashigami Company. In the present, Sakura discovers that a cursed mechanical pencil is leading her friend Rika and others to a Damashigami trap. Rinne pursues the students in the Reidou passage, but is stopped by Ageha, who’s now a Shinigami and thinks Rinne is a Damashigami. When the real Damashigami appears, Ageha is surprised when Rinne decides to go rescue the other victims. They find the Damashigami hideout, so when Rinne learns there’s money to be made, he captures all the Damashigami and saves the humans.

Sakura finds herself under surveillance by a weird video camera with arms and legs. Meanwhile, Ageha wants to learn more, so she visits Rinne’s home, where she tells the story of her sister and how her sister was seduced by an older guy. Rinne sees it is his father, Sabato, so he’s not keen on letting Ageha know his link to the man in the photo. However, when Sabato sends him a massive bill for the Damashigami Company’s down time, Rinne takes Ageha’s hand and vows to help her. Sakura walks in and sees this. Ageha leaves all embarrassed.

As Rinne attempts to explain things, the camera comes in, so Rinne captures it. The camera self destructs as Sabato and his personal assistant view the footage. Sabato explains that they will have to deal with Sakura. On Earth, Sakura goes home, but finds her path suddenly filled with ghosts. Back at Rinne’s place, Rokumon is worried about Sakura when their room becomes distorted. They find a Reidou gate outside their door, and so enter it to find Sakura. Ageha returns to talk to Rinne some more, but encounters the same distortion and gate, so she too goes through the Reidou gate.

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Adapted Chapters

  • Chapter 36
  • Chapter 37
  • Chapter 38


  • Ageha and Bijin make their debut.
  • When Rinne erroneously remembers Sakura and Ageha staring at each other, Sakura is shown wearing Kyoko Otonashi's apron from Maison Ikkoku.


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