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Court of Dreams, Inside the Letter Box
Season 2, Episode 2
Air date April 16, 2016
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Court of Dreams (夢のコート Yume no Kōto), Inside the Letter Box (文箱の中 Fumibako no Naka) is episode 27 of the Rin-ne anime and episode 2 of the second season.


Plot Overview

The high school tennis club brings a case to Rinne regarding tennis balls that just go missing. Rinne discovers the male ghost of a second year student who’d been a ball boy for the tennis club during his first year, but who’d died before he was able to play in his second year. The ghost is up for a game of doubles and is teamed up with Sakura against Rinne and Tsubasa, but he sucks. Rinne gives him a racket with at Tsukumogami sticker to make it alive, but when Tsubasa tries to interfere, the racket becomes enraged and beats Tsubasa to ash. Meanwhile, the ghost becomes content just practicing tennis with Sakura.

Tsubasa takes a case of parents who’s teen son is haunted. Tsubasa frees the son, but the ghost, a beauty from the past named Yayoi, has a request that since she died with an unrequited love, that he pretend to be her boyfriend for a while. He agrees, but is worried about what Sakura will say. Rinne is suspicious of the ghost’s intentions, but since Tsubasa insists, he leaves Tsubasa to it. Tsubasa and Yayoi do all sorts of things that nearly cause Tsubasa’s death. Further, Tsubasa has tons of freak accidents. Rokumon finds Yayoi’s love letters to the poor scholar who’d married an ugly, rich girl. Rinne figures out that Yayoi wants to send Tsubasa to the afterlife to be with her. Rinne tries to warn him, but he already knows and just wants to help Yayoi. Rinne tells Yayoi that her plan won’t work as she’ll be cast into hell and Tsubasa will be reborn. As such, she gives up and passes on, asking Tsubasa to go out with her when she’s reborn.

Cast in Order of Appearance

Adapted Chapters

  • Chapter 82
  • Chapter 83
  • Chapter 96



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