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Missing Membership Fee (消えた会費 Kieta Kaihi) is the 28th episode of the Kyōkai no Rinne anime, and the 3rd episode of the second season.


A female black cat named Suzu delivers a letter to Rinne, about an overdue payment. Rokumon is certain to have delivered the fee to the Mortal Census Bureau, but the Shirushigami Kain, who happens to be Suzu’s owner, is not willing to help. So Rinne will have to track down his payment, in hope of not having to pay any late fee.

Plot Overview

A young, female black cat named Suzu arrives with a bill stating that Rinne hasn’t paid this month’s ¥500 shinigami union membership fee. Since he’d sent the payment with Rokumon, and Rokumon swears to have delivered it, the two head to the Mortal Census Bureau, where Kain informs them that they now owe ¥505. Rinne refuses to double pay and vows to find his missing money. He and Rokumon, along with Sakura, head to the spirit world to investigate. Rokumon retraces his steps, revealing that he’d often been distracted by bargains and such, which Rinne understands.  By the time they reach the Bureau, it is closed.

Returning the next day with the further clue that the person who took the money had to be a child wearing a cat mask, which Rokumon also has, Rokumon starts checking the Bureau for further clues. Suzu, who’s Kain’s black cat, cleans up the dust that Rinne left, destroying evidence. She gives Kain a notebook, which Kain discovers has the payment envelope inside. He pretends to not see it, attempting to get the payment on Rinne’s side of the counter and claim Rinne never paid. Rinne catches on, and the two use Suzu to get the payment to either side. Rokumon gets Suzu to remember taking the payment, so Kain accepts it without fee. Rinne bluffs that he’s recorded the incident, spending ¥5000 to do so, so Kain sends Rinne a ¥5000 coupon book.

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Adapted Chapters

  • Chapter 94
  • Chapter 95


  • Suzu makes her debut.


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