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Homestay Practiceホームステイ実習 Hōmusutei Jisshū) is the 31st episode of the Kyōkai no Rinne anime, and 6th episode of the second season.


A training program for elementary Shinigami kids takes place, and Rinne instructs a brat named Shoma, who wilfully tries to exorcise evil human spirits instead of guiding animal spirits and decides to take on an “alligator woman”.

Plot Overview

Sakura sees a lot of kid shinigami around, which Rokumon explains are elementary kid shinigami doing homestay programs as part of their education. Sakura discovers Rinne has been assigned a kid named Shouma, who’s really upset at learning the grandson of the famous Tamako is dirt poor. He wants to exorcise an evil spirit to get the 50 points needed to complete the homestay program. Meanwhile, Sakura, Miho, and Rika encounter a rumored alligator woman spirit, which Miho and Rika talk about the following day at school. Sakura confers with Rinne on this as Shouma eavesdrops, thinking he has an opportunity to get his 50-point spirit. Sakura and Rokumon discover the girl Sakura saw before, but this oneesan is a real human. She’s looking for her tiny alligator named Chibi, who’s been missing a year. Meanwhile, Shouma encounters the alligator woman in her oneesan form, which then turns into an alligator. When Sakura shows up with Oneesan, the alligator is excited to see her, but she rejects it because Chibi was tiny, not large. When Chibi flees, Shouma and Rinne pursue. When they catch it in a convenience store buying its favorite jerky, it tells them the story of how it died. It becomes enraged at Shouma’s indifference, but when Oneesan sees the package of jerky, she accepts it as her Chibi, allowing it to pass on.

Cast in order of appearance

Adapted Chapters

  • Chapter 69
  • Chapter 70
  • Chapter 71


  • Shoma makes his debut.
  • The Street Vendor is the fourth anime-only character to appear.


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