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Renge's Revenge (れんげの復讐 Renge no Fukushū) is the 39th episode of the Kyōkai no Rinne anime, and the 14th episode of the second season.


With her latest plan foiled, the Damashigami prodigy settles in the club building as Rinne’s neighbour, and together with her black cat, keeps trying to wreak havoc at school and subdue the red-haired Shinigami at the same time.

Plot Overview

Cast in order of appearance

Adapted Chapters

  • Chapter 138
  • Chapter 139
  • Chapter 140


  • Tama makes her debut.
  • Tama's name is revealed in this episode, while in the manga, it is revealed in chapter 303.
  • Among the presents given to Sakura is a doll of P-Chan from Ranma 1/2.


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