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Golden License
Season 3, Episode 1
Air date April 8, 2017
Written by Michiko Yokote
Directed by Hiroshi Ishiodori
Episode Guide
Sakura's Wager
The Cursed Ace, Draw Me
Golden License (ゴールドライセンス Gourudo Raisensu) is the 51st episode of the Kyōkai no Rinne anime, and the 1st episode of the third season.


Shinigami licenses have ranks, in which the higher it gets, the more money is given for purifying a spirit. And shockingly, when fraudulent Shinigami gold licenses are being vended, Rinne’s deadbeat father is revealed to be a real gold license holder.

Plot Overview

Cast in Order of Appearance

Adapted Chapters

  • Chapter 242
  • Chapter 243
  • Chapter 244


  • Tsubasa, Shoma and Kuroboshi do not appear in the manga version.
  • Sabato's High School teacher was named Raise Ikuzou.
  • When Sabato was high school student, Shinigami Girls wear same school uniform from Ranma 1/2.


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