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Wheel of Reincarnation Cleanup Day (輪廻の輪一斉清掃 Rinne no Wa Issei Seisou), Infinite Malice (恨み無限大 Urami Mugendai), The Puppy in the Rain (雨の中の子犬 Ame no Naka no Koinu) is the 53rd episode of the Kyōkai no Rinne anime, and the 3rd episode of the third season.


The Shinigamis and black cats are gathered into scrubbing the wheel of reincarnation, which doesn’t get a better look however as Damashigamis break in.

The twin rabbits ask Rinne to exorcise a chainsaw scythe, which was made through an infraction, although they wouldn’t mind selling it to Ageha or Renge.

A student is perpetually getting rained on, even when he is indoors, which is due to a dog’s spirit lying above his head.

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Adapted Chapters

  • Chapter 189
  • Chapter 160
  • Chapter 102


  • On the day of that episode's first broadcast came out the first chapter of the manga 8 years ago.


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