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Kuroboshi III (黒星三世 Kuroboshi Sansei), Good-Fortune Pot (開運の壷 Kaiun no Tsubo), Rainbow Colored Bamboo Shoot (虹色のタケノコ Niji Iro no Takenoko) is the 55th episode of the Kyōkai no Rinne anime, and the 5th episode of the third season.


Introducing Kuroboshi's grandson, entrusted to Rinne for some special training to become Tamako’s new black cat by contract, for this young black cat has some hang-ups.

Sabato consults with Annette about some missing money he hid in the prototype model of a fake quality pot, and her crystal ball reveals a glorious future for Rinne getting that money. Will the Damashigami’s fake product actually bring good fortune to Rinne?

In a forest full of bamboo shoots, Kain tasks the young Shinigamis to find a rainbow colored bamboo shoot, which can grant any wish, though there is no reward for finding it, but Renge and Kurosu have their ambitions with it.

Plot Overview

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Adapted Chapters

  • Chapter 176
  • Chapter 220
  • Chapter 233


  • Kuroboshi III makes his debut.
  • The back of the 10000 yen bill (which normally features Genma Saotome in panda form) can be seen featuring a fish in part 2.


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