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Special Protected Sacred Bird (特別保護霊鳥 Tokubetsu Hogo Reichou), June Bride (ジューンブライド Jyuun Buraido), Hell's Safe (地獄の金庫 Jigoku no Kinko) is the 56th episode of the Kyōkai no Rinne anime and the 6th episode of the third season.


Rinne is hired by Shoma to watch over a three-legged crow he captured until he can show off to his classmates the next day. Will Rinne get any profit from that legendary bird who eats any food it encounters?

A ghost wearing a wedding dress is wandering around asking anyone for the location of a chapel, although there was only one in this neighborhood that became a coffee shop, leading Rinne and Sakura to investigate there.

An icy lockbox containing a bill falls on Rinne’s head, but rather than being a gift from heaven, it’s actually a prank from hell.

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Adapted Chapters

  • Chapter 257
  • Chapter 239
  • Chapter 178


  • The fake 10000 yen bill in the ice box features Genma Saotome in his panda form.


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