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Evil Spirit in the Summer House
Eggplant Romance
One Coin Investigation
Season 3, Episode 12
Episode 62
Air date June 24, 2017
Written by Hiroyuki Yoshino
Directed by Fumio Maezono
Episode Guide
Mystery of the Flower Garden, I'll Lend You My Right Arm, Black Report Cards
Shinigami Otome
Evil Spirit in the Summer House (別荘の悪霊 Bessou no Akuryou), Eggplant Romance (ナスロマン Nasu Roman), One Coin Investigation (ワンコイン調査 Wan Koin Chousa) is the 62nd episode of the Kyōkai no Rinne Anime and the 12th episode of the third season.


It’s summer time and work for Rinne, investigating an abandoned seaside villa, helping the spirit of an old lady overcome her weird fear of eggplants, and bursting a Damashigami scheme at a festival.

Plot Overview

Cast in order of appearance

Adapted Chapters

  • Chapter 200
  • Chapter 202
  • Chapter 157


  • Rinne, Sakura and Tsubasa wear the same Yukatas they wore in episode 36, while they wear different ones in the manga version.


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