The Expectant Ghost (人待ち幽霊) is the spirit of a man from the Edo era who inhabits a hanging scroll.



He was such a lady-killer back then, that he had affairs after affairs and ended up being dumped by the one he considered his true love. Due to his popularity, many paintings of himself in hanging scrolls were made by various artists, and his lingering spirit came to inhabit one of them at an inn, awaiting the arrival of his beloved woman. As his eyes would move following female guests, the inn owner contacted Ayame to exorcise it, but he got out of the painting and attached himself to her, for he states that she looks like his true love. Ayame then contacted Tsubasa, who brought Sakura along and did not expect Rinne to come, much to Ayame’s annoyance, for the inn owner wishes to put it back to the painting without exorcising it, and Rinne deduced that in order to do that, Tsubasa should tell the ghost that he’s dating Ayame, but Tsubasa instead shows him how ugly he looks now in his painting appearance, and so Rinne makes him part from the image and thus the ghost attempts make Ayame fall victim to her charm, but she was not impressed as he reveals a very typical looking old-fashioned Edo face that hardly seems impressive to everyone's modern sensibilities, so he agrees to return to the painting, and he’s not likely to pass on, as he still enjoys watching female guests coming.


  • His cause of death is unknown.

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