The Faceless Girl (顔のない女) is the embodiment of an emotion from a drawing of Hitomi Egusa and Suguru Egawa.



As Hitomi did not like to have glasses in her drawing, she ended up erasing her face and took the drawing at home. The drawing manifested into a faceless girl image, who would haunt the school, asking male members of the art, manga and anime clubs to draw her, but whenever they draw an imaginary face, she always gets angry, tossing ink in their faces and destroying their drawings. As Rinne received requests about her, he tracked her origin and brought Hitomi to discuss it with Suguru. Not bent of being gotten rid of and thinking her face would remain incomplete, she tried to paint Hitomi’s face in white, but Rinne stopped her, and Suguru put her to rest by drawing a new face that Hitomi would approve.


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