These small fairies (小型妖精 Kogata Yōsei?) named Abel, Achille and Adam can be summoned from a book that belongs to Annette’s grandmother.


Abel has black hair and wears green clothes with a white collar, and a green cap.

Achille has yellow hair and wears blue clothes with a white collar, and a blue cap. He has purple eyes.

Adam has red/brown hair and wears yellow clothes with a white collar, and an orange cap with twin tails.


Before summer vacation, as she delayed herself in filling in the first semester’s grades in the report cards she brought home, because she was lazy, Annette enlisted the help of those 3 fairies, who asked for a Gateau au Chocolat as a prize first. Since they were sold out and she could not rely on other fairies to make one, she spent all night trying to make one, only to offer them a lump of charcoal which was less than enjoyable for the tiny trio. Feeling ripped off, they take revenge on Annette, using the report cards and the charcoal cake until the whole cake would be used up. Despite Rinne’s presence, they succeeded in their revenge, as Annette gets upbraided by her mother and grandmother for all the pitch black dirt around the house, and had to spend all night filling the report cards like she should have done so from the start.


  • They are called "dwarfs" (小人 Kobito?) in the manga.

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