She's the spirit of a girl lingering at Kyoukai, tricking Shinigamis.



Long ago, she knew her little brother longed for a popular video game console, but her family couldn’t afford such a thing for they are poor. Yet, she overheard her parents planning to offer a video game for her little brother’s birthday that he longed for, which relieved her. However, she died in an accident and because of the expenses for her funeral, her little brother could not receive the video game. Her spirit lingered then, feeling sorry for her brother and set on getting money for him. She made a fake bounty with a 30000 yen prize, to lure Shinigamis to traps she set in a forest close to a shortcut to a Shinigami Tools sale, so she can steal their money, which she stores in a piggy bank in a tree.

Rokumon ends up being one of the victims of her scheme, and Rinne manages to track her until the tree, after learning from Kain of her prize fraud case. He convinces her that all that money must be given back to everyone she stole from, so she surrenders herself to the Mortal Census Bureau, although Rinne hoped to take her himself to get a reward. Little did she know that her brother has become a rich adult.


  • She was not named

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