The Fireworks Ghost is the spirit of a man who tries to compose the kanji that stands for curse in the sky.



4 years ago, he attempted to confess to a girl he had a crush on, with a message that would be formed by fireworks, which he spent 500000 yen on, at the fireworks convention. But much to his shock, she came with her co-worker, and they got engaged. So he tried to cancel his fireworks, for fear of being extremely ashamed, but he couldn’t reach the launching spot as the venue was filled with couples, and his heart stopped when his message was launched. His spirit lingered, attempting to curse all merry couples at the fireworks convention, by resetting the fireworks at the same night the following year using his strong feelings and forming a huge “呪” message (which means curse). But for 3 consecutive years, he couldn’t manage to form the “呪” kanji, and ended up forming other kanjis which have no meaning. On the last fireworks convention, Rinne was sought to solve the case of the mysterious unplanned fireworks, and after listening to the ghost’s story with Sakura, Rinne warns him that he will end up becoming an evil spirit, but he wouldn't care. Even so, his fourth attempt failed with the message formed as “兜” which means Helmet, and so Rinne forces him to pass on, putting an end to the mysterious fireworks message.


  • He was not named.

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