She's a girl who met Rinne when he was living in prosperity.



3 years ago, while walking at a park, a strong wind caused her monthly tuition fee for piano lessons to be fly away up until a tree, and she fell while trying to climb to retrieve it. Her spirit started to leave her body, but Rinne appeared and gently patted her head to press her spirit back into her body. Her monthly tuition fee eventually got lost for good, so he kindly gave her 5000 yen he received from his grandfather and left saying she can pay him back later. She was so surprised that she asked him who he is, to which he answered that he’s sort of a Shinigami like he usually would to anybody.

Years later, hoping to find Rinne, she passed by Sankai High, asking if there is a red-haired boy attending this school, to which Sakura confirmed, and eventually learns his name and about the instrument shelter from her. So she left a letter at the instrument shelter, with a picture of herself but no signature, asking him to meet her on Saturday at 3pm at a park. Rinne couldn’t remember her however, but did come to meet her pretending to know her, since her letter said she would pay him back the 5000 yen. She expressed words to him that seemed like they were on a romantic date and asked if he could pat her head again, but Rinne notices Sakura who had been observing with Miho and Rika, so he apologizes to the girl, admitting she must have him confused with someone else. So the girl becomes convinced about the impossible presence of a Shinigami, and after recounting her past event, apologizes asking him to forget about her as she leaves without paying Rinne, much to his dismay.


  • She was not named.

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