Fukuwarai (福笑い) is the spirit of a popular New Year's children's game.



Long ago, it was used for many years. Eventually, he had remained in its box for several years, and a committee member of a children board thought of using it again to teach children the games from the old days in the end of the year. The 3 boys Jun, Go & Rei found it and tried it, and Go accidentally took one of his eye. With one eye missing, the committee member gave up on using that game, which caused a spirit to manifest going on rampage saying “Search Thoroughly”. Even though Rinne and Tsubasa tried to solve its case, only to cause it to get angry, the 3 boys return with its eye. While the face is reassembled, it hardly got any happier, as the 3 boys expressed it was boring, prompting the committee member to give up on using it.


  • Fukuwarai, which means "Lucky Laugh", is a Japanese game played around the Japanese New Year, in which blindfolded players put parts of the face (such as the eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth) onto a blank face, similar to that of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

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