Fumika Honda (本田フミカ) is a former student of Sankai High, who passed away and became a spirit.




She had a crush on a classmate who got close to another girl, right when she was about to confess to him. She was grief-stricken and, while taking her Tosa dog called Tosanishiki out for a walk, remembered that she left something important behind at the library, and got hit by a truck as she rushed back to school. As she laid dying, she asked Tosanishiki to go get the book “Roses and Sauce” she had borrowed for her.

Her spirit lingered in the street for a month, holding the broken leash of her dog, until she was found by Ageha and then Rinne, who was tracking the dog’s owner. She is led to the spirit of Tosanishiki, whose spirit has been settling between the bookshelves where the book is, and she reveals she had written a love letter for the boy she was about to confess to and tucked it between the pages of the book. She destroys the letter and begins to fade away, now feeling safe and free to pass on.



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