Ghost Pulling Pigtails (おさげ引っ張り霊, Osage Hippari Rei) is the spirit of a girl targeting girls with pigtails.



She dated a boy named Kaito, who was a not only a classmate but also the son of an innkeeper. One day, she received an e-mail from a female classmate that showed a picture of Kaito and another girl with pigtails in an embrace. Wishing to know who that girl is as her face could not be seen in the picture, she secretly followed Kaito until a shrine by the beach, when a pig-tailed girl dashed out from the temple covering her face and ran into Kaito's arms. In her anger, she appeared and tugged on the mystery girl's hair, which shockingly was a wig that flies off and the girl dashes away screaming after seeing her skeleton face. Consequently, she slipped while fleeing down the shrine’s stairs, and fell until a rocky shore to her death. Her spirit lingered however, still wishing to know who that mysterious girl was, but she could not remember her incident. She’d wander at the inn, that got sold to someone else, and at the beach, pulling the hair of any girls with pigtails passing by, and she would no longer approach the shrine.

10 years later, Sakura would get caught and dragged underwater by the ghost but is saved by Rinne, who was sought by the inn keeper. Together with Tsubasa and Ageha, they tried to solve her case and allow her to remember her shocking moment before her death. Shortly after, Kaito and many other classmates came to lay flowers at the spot where she died, and she learns from them that the “girl” was actually one of Kaito's friends wearing a scary mask for a simulation for the Festival Haunted House, and Kaito was a practice partner. Having finally learned the identity of the “girl”, she passes on, relieved that her boyfriend was not unfaithful.


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