She’s the spirit of a girl haunting a Lazy River.



On her first date with her boyfriend, who was so popular that she had to fend off many rivals for his affection, they went to a public lazy river. After less than 10 minutes, the boy came out of the water and asked her to wait, but the constantly flowing current was so strong that she ended up flowing until the other side of the lazy river, and she spotted him back in the water with another girl who has her same hairdo. Angry, she tried in vain to swim back to them, until realizing she could have reached them by swimming in the direction of the flowing current, and ended up drowning as she had tired herself. Her spirit lingered at the lazy river, grabbing any girl that has her and the girl’s same hairdo, for she hopes to yell at that girl for stealing her boyfriend.

After Rinne catches her, he makes use of tools that together allow the moment when her boyfriend was with another girl to be diffused, so she can yell at her. She was afraid to learn that her boyfriend preferred that girl over her, but she learns that the boy actually mistook that girl for her as they both looked quite a lot and he apologized upon realizing his mistake and tried to find his girlfriend. Nevertheless, she still wanted to yell at her, because she never got hugged by him unlike her, but upon seeing that she was wearing the same swimsuit she was wearing, she felt embarrassed and instantly passed on.


  • She was not named.

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