The Gift Exchange Ghost is the spirit of a male student, who looked forward to exchange gifts with a girl on Christmas.



On the Christmas of his first High School year, he was invited to a party, where the boys and girls would exchange their presents. He looked forward to receiving a present from one of the girls, and believed his own present would make her fall for him. However, he died in an accident on his way to the party, and his lingering spirit was found by Tsubasa’s father, who sent him to Tsubasa to fulfill his wish to have a party and exchange gifts. A party was held at Tsubasa’s mansion with Sakura, Rinne, Rokumon, Ageha and Renge who came with their own presents, which get reshuffled many times as the ghost constantly end up with Rokumon’s present which is a dried cicada shell until he finally gets Renge’s present which is a scarf, much to his joy. But in order for him to pass on, Renge had to claim she appreciates his present she ended up with, which is a love song he recorded on a CD, to which she agreed if Rinne exchanges it for his present which is Tsubasa’s pendant that was meant for Sakura. Little did the ghost know that the scarf was actually knitted by her old black cat Tama.


  • He was not named.
  • He's the third ghost and the 6th case to be solved, sent by Tsubasa's father.

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