The Grim Reapers are Damashigamis who tend to wear costumes to deceive unwitting victims.


They are simple skeletons wearing a black hood.


When Rinne caught a cold from Rokumon, Sabato Rokudō sent one disguised as a Bear Doctor with a Wind-Up Nurse to his home in the abandoned club building, claiming to have been sent by his family to heal him, but their purpose to actually take his life is discovered and Rinne vanquishes them both.

Many would try to trick Sakura Mamiya into giving them money, disguised as restless spirits, and also support her and Rinne to get married to support Sabato’s second attempt to make Rinne inherit the Damashigami Company, only to fail.

When Ageha ran after Sabato and her sister, many used different deceitful tactics while wearing many costumes, to earn money from Ageha, only for Rinne to expose them, and to convince Sakura to accept the wedding ring only for her and Rokumon to unzip them.