She’s the spirit of a kitten, who believes she was thrown away.



She was well loved by her owners who were a little boy and his parents. When returning home from a walk, she arrived in a wrong house which was empty thus believed her family moved away and abandoned her.

10 days ago, her lingering spirit came upon Kuroboshi III, who continuously bumped against a power pole and fainted as he got scared of her for 3 days, and so used a Nekomata Plug, which transforms her into a twin-tailed Nekomata, to commune with her. As she expressed her resentment, he could sympathize with her and she was hoping he’d help her get revenge on her owners but he would just listen to her story again and again on top of the wrong house. They were both found by Sakura and Rinne, who after listening to her story, appeased her anger and made her realize that she got the wrong house, meaning she wasn't thrown away, which allowed her to pass on.


  • She was not named, and her cause of death is unknown.

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