Hajime Otsukai (小塚井ハジメ) is a student of Sankai High, and a member of the Cooking Club.



He joined the cooking club in hope of becoming popular, where he is the only male member and served mainly in purchasing food. Since a few days ago, whenever he is requested to buy various ingredients, his right arm would note down a wrong list of items he’d bring, which caused the female members to get mad at him.

So he sought Rinne, and a ghost is revealed, having united himself with Hajime by spirit bonds, for their souls sympathized with each other due to their desires to be popular. The only way to make that spirit pass on and leave Hajime is to make a party, but since Rinne could not afford, Sakura convinced Hajime to buy them by telling him it would allow him to become popular. Although the ghost manages to pass on, it didn’t help Hajime get popular, which is not something Rinne can help him at.


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