The Half-Closed Eyes Ghost is the spirit of a girl who wishes a good picture of herself.



When she was alive, she couldn’t help half-closing her eyes whenever she posed for a picture, and so she could never get a decent photo of herself. After her death, her spirit lingered, as she is not pleased with the picture of herself used for her funeral, and so would always knock it over whenever it is placed.

Rinne found her spirit, while Tsubasa was called by the undertakers of the Memorial Hall. She showed a picture of herself that she modified with an application to have her eyes open, but it could not be used, however Rinne got the idea of drawing irises on her closed eyes and photographing her that way. She passes on, happy to have finally gotten a decent picture of herself, and the picture used for her funeral eventually turns out to be one made the moment she passed on, giving a genuine smile and having her eyes fully closed.


  • She was not named, and her cause of death is unknown.

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