Haruka Igawa (衣川(いがわ) ハルカ(はるか) Igawa Haruka?) is the vice-president of the handicraft club in Sankai High.


Haruka has brown eyes and long brown hair, featuring a green hairclip that prevents her hair from falling over her forehead and face.


Last winter, she was about to give a hand-knitted scarf to an upperclassman she had a crush on and confess to him, only to see another girl beat her to it. So she threw the scarf out in the trash, but her strong desire to offer it while knitting it, gave the scarf a soul, wishing to be offered to someone.

Next winter, it became envious, strangling anyone receiving a scarf from a lover and would even try to strangle Haruka if she knits another scarf. Rokumon suggested Sakura to knit a scarf for Rinne, in order to lure it, and Haruka taught her. When it shows up, a conflict caused it to fall in the hands of a member of the Karate club, and Haruka offers it to him since he is her type, causing the scarf to be content and purified.



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