Hazuki Okita (沖田ハヅキ) is a student of Sankai High.



During her first year in High School, she received a message on her cell phone from her classmate Shiraishi, who has a crush on her since middle school, asking her to come see the schoolyard from the rooftop on Wednesday at 6 am. However, she arrived just before noon since she overslept, and she learns that he died in an accident last night. She went to look from the rooftop nevertheless, but it had snowed and all she could see were students' foot prints. She received the same message next year at the same period, but she overslept again and there was nothing to see from the rooftop as it was raining.

Upon receiving the same message a third time this year, she sought Rinne, who finds out with Sakura that the spirit of Shiraishi lingered, hoping to show her what he wanted to show her. So the following morning, she finally makes it at the right time, but as she brought her boyfriend from her first high school year, Shiraishi decides to pass on and not allow her to see his message, thus putting an end to her receiving the same message every year.


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