The High Diving Board Ghost is the spirit of a middle school boy lingering at a public swimming pool.



He took his girlfriend on a date at a public pool, and lost his wallet there. He desperately searched for it, for he was highly bent on treating her and wouldn’t dare asking her to use her own money. He thought of looking from the high diving board and found it beneath it. He was spotted by his girlfriend, who thought he looked cool, so he felt he had no choice but to impress her by jumping. But as he took one hour to feel ready to jump, his girlfriend grew tired of waiting and moved away, so he hurried down the stairs and slipped to his death. His spirit lingered however, for he highly regretted not having jumped in a cool way, and searched for his wallet all around the pool, as his memories were affected.

He meets Rinne and Shoma who came to deal with him, but he wouldn’t confess his story, and upon seeing Shoma buying food for Ichigo who came with Sakura for fun, he attacked him out of frustration, which made him remember his regrets. With tools at the suggestion of Ichigo, Shoma helps the ghost jump from the diving board in a cool way and retrieve his wallet, allowing him to pass on.


  • He was not given a name.

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